New Fresh Proxies is a application that acts between the user and the rest of the World Wide Web. There are actually several types of proxies that are of used. These include forward proxy, open, reverse, performance enhancing proxies and web proxies. But the web proxy is the most common among its type since most people opt to surf the Internet using a web proxy.

A web proxy helps a user to browse the Internet by acting between the user and the Web. When a user sends a request to facilitate an access to the Internet, the proxy will connect them to the requested web page or any source.

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Over the course of the Internet history, it is undeniable that the Internet has somehow dominated the facet of communication. Millions of people are surfing the Internet every day or even every second of a day. In order to provide faster Internet services to the growing volume of Internet users, computer applications or systems are being programmed. One of the most reliable computer applications is the web proxy.

There are several specific uses one can get from a web proxy. Even though its main task is to let someone browse the Internet, one can use web proxy for security purposes. One can browse the Internet anonymously when you are using web proxy. Since web proxies act as the intermediate server between the user and the Web, no one will trace you since you are browsing the Internet through the web proxy. Aside from the security web proxy offers to the users, it can also be used for faster access to Internet resources. Web proxies are used to provide caches, which are data duplications of web pages from web servers, in order for faster Internet browsing. Since web proxy acts in between the user and the web, unblocking data filtering is made possible.

Over the past years, the Internet has become the most popular facet of media. Due to its faster information dissemination over a larger volume of people compared to other means of communication, millions and millions of people are using the Internet. Because of this, web proxies are developed in order to help users surf the Internet faster and safer. There are many other purposes that web proxies offer that using it has become a requisite before browsing the Internet.